CambridgeDynamic Science
Peter Razos
interactive science online  

Science in action using the latest teaching and learning technology.

Cambridge Dynamic Science harnesses the power of interactive digital technology to deliver a comprehensive online resource for teaching and learning in the science classroom.

Developed from the outset as an online resource, Cambridge Dynamic Science visually demonstrates science processes and concepts in a way that's just not possible in a printed resource. A range of interactive media caters for different learning styles and encourages students to question and engage in science in action.

Cambridge Dynamic Science also streamlines classroom management with online tasks, tests and reports, and full coverage of the Australian Curriculum and the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum.

About the author

Highly experienced author, Peter Razos, brings to the project many years of experience in teaching science and developing digital resources for the science classroom.

A great believer in active exploration and practical learning, Peter has devised many demonstrations, experiments and investigations that effectively convey the intrigue and wonder of science, and uses them as motivation for learning. His innovative activities on science in advertising, science in the nutrition and beauty industries, the science of war, of magic, of flight, rocketry and space exploration, and forensic science are used to provide the stimulus for learning basic science.